Welcome to Haiku the Day Away!

Welcome to Haiku the Day Away!

My name is Sara. I have three small children, ages 5, 3, and 1 and this is where I write about the journey of motherhood…

Motherhood is poetic, with all its rhythms and rhymes, with all its symbolism and imagery.

Oh, the vivid, surprising, ever changing symbols and images that creep into my day and pounce on my chest, shooting emotional fireworks through my veins, and sending opposing messages to my brain. Sometimes these are images of relief, sometimes of joy, sometimes of malaise or disgust. Sometimes they prompt me to smile and sometimes they prompt me to hold my forehead in the palm of my hand and close my eyes, imagining that my children are quietly playing cards at the kitchen table while I marinate a roast and chop potatoes.

But that’s not perfection. There is no perfection. There is only a journey and whatever we choose to see along the way.

Because motherhood is poetic.

This is a blog of stories, and while I do write a series titled “Fun with Food,” where I give steps and ideas for having fun in the kitchen, I don’t view these as tutorials. I view them as inspiration. Read my post on Why You Will Not Find Tutorials Here.

I hope you enjoy your day. I hope you enjoy my blog. And I hope you enjoy your children and all the hills and valleys, twists and turns they offer you.